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Class - XII ( Year 2019-2020 )

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No. of Students Appeared No. of Students Passed No. of Students Placed in Compartment No. of Students Failed Pass %
59 59 0 0 100%

Academic Achievements

Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Hyderabad feels proud to announce the results of Class XII.

Percentage of XII scored by the following Students
Name of the Student Class Percentage
Bhuvana Sri K XII 97.4%
Trisha Dev XII 97.2%
Arzoo Khatri XII 95.8%
Subject Wise Toppers
Subject Class Name Grade
English XII Arzoo Khatri A1
English XII Megha S A1
English XII K Bhuvana Sri A1
English XII Thrisha Dev A1
English XII Sri Sharanya A1
Mathematics XII Thrisha Dev A1
Physics XII Abhiraam M A1
Chemistry XII K Bhuvana Sri A1
Chemistry XII Shakthi Nandakumar A1
Chemistry XII Thrisha Dev A1
Chemistry XII Abhiraam M A1
Chemistry XII Aayush Sharma A1
Chemistry XII Aditya Badrinath A1
Chemistry XII Mihir Kalyan A1
Biology XII K Bhuvana Sri A1
Accountancy XII Priyamvada K A1
Economics XII Megha S A1
Physical Education XII Manomay S A1
Business Study XII Megha S A1